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Soccer tennis is a soccer-specific sport that incorporates some aspects of tennis and volleyball. It does not use rackets or tennis balls; however, it is played on a tennis court or turf. Players who want to improve their soccer skills and technique will find soccer tennis a nice change from routine practices and repetitive drills. Once the basic game rules and concepts are learned, players start to develop tactics and strategies, making match play very competitive.

The ball is allowed to bounce only once before a player touches it. With three players on a team, this means the ball can bounce only twice. The ball does not have to bounce; a player can elect to return the ball only after one touch. An example of three touches and two bounces is when player A touches the ball, the ball bounces, player B touches the ball, the ball bounces a second time and then player C returns the ball back to the opposing team.

A match consists of two out of three games. The first team to score 15 points wins the game. Three players from each team compete. Two substitutes per match are allowed for each team. In a co-ed match, at least one female player must be on the court at any given time. After each game, teams are allowed a 3 minute break and switch sides.

HACKETTSTOWN INDOOR SPORTS ACADEMY will be hosting one day soccer tennis tournaments.

For more information regarding soccer tennis, please email us or give us a call at (908) 941 0401