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The Hackettstown Indoor Sports Academy is launching a new partnership with Samurai Fight Club with a innovative and unprecedented activity throughout the region. We introduce MMA FITNESS !! This class has a great focus on burning calories and loosing weight (about 1000 calories per hour) besides promoting a significant improvement of aerobic capacity, fat loss and body definition, as well as improvement in self-confidence.

This class is very popular specially among women, for having the power to transform the body in a short period of time. The class also teaches students many principles on self-defense.

The class consists of a strong heating with many functional training based exercises. We then work punches and kicks in mittens, and a diverse repertoire of techniques of striking and grappling !!‬

We teach women to neutralize the situation and defend themselves, even if the aggressor is stronger or heavier, because we use special techniques specially designed for real situations.‬

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Class Schedule - April to June

Tuesday and Thursday

6PM - 7PM